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Wii or PS3? (WII, PS3)

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Some pictures from google and the wii60 website and voila a video o.O

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wtf is this supposed to be?
Lizard126 on 2006-07-13 (report)
I think they're trying to say that the Wii is going to be better than PS3. Wouldn't that be like comparing Gamecube to PS2? Actually that would be an understatement. Come on! Use your head!!! PS3 will be the best system out there!
Squallflux on 2006-07-14 (report)
i dont care about which consoles U buys I care about the nex gen games like final fantast and kingdomehearts 3... thats why Im going to buy ps3 but my mind keeps on changing because of gears of war
peter145 on 2006-07-16 (report)

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