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It is a period of console war. Nintendo, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Sony at E3 2006. During the conference, Nintendo spies managed to steal secret plans to the Sony's ultimate weapon, the PLAYSTATION 3, an armored game console that requires enough power to drain an entire planet. Pursued by Sony's sinister agents, Princess Peach races home aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the gaming galaxy....

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This is pure gold XD, Great video!
RQL on 2006-06-03 (report)
Best. Video. Ever. This isn't comedy gold, it's comedy platinum.
Yalon on 2006-06-05 (report)
Excellent video, superb work.
Garamonde on 2006-06-07 (report)
omfg brilliant
flydutchguy on 2006-06-09 (report)
OMG!! OMG !! OMG!! thats the best vid ive ever seen
Moblinkiller on 2006-06-18 (report)
brilliant!! Wii60 fanboyism at its VERY BEST!!! just when I thought you stooges couldnt go any lower! congratulations on proving me wrong!
FATE on 2006-06-23 (report)
Funny stuff. ^^ Ignore the sony fanboy. I think many things about both them and us are hilarious. "Wiitard" for example. I think that's pretty f*ckin hilarious. I call everyone Wiitards now. xD Maybe someone should stop being insecure and learn to laugh at themselves. =3
Rokiha on 2006-06-27 (report)
they should make a good sequel of this awesome video
spiritfox on 2006-06-28 (report)
this is the single funniest video i may have ever seen. i highly applaud your comedy skills! ...and you're ability to paste heads on to other people (not a complaint)
Lizard126 on 2006-07-12 (report)

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