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Wii60 - Sony's Embarrassing Press Conference (WII, PS3, X360)

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This is the best compilation of the lowlights from Sony's 2006 E3 press briefing, replete with hypocrisy and unfounded hyperbole.

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Alucard757 on 2006-05-21 (report)
xD That ninja game "which is based on Japanese history. The stages of the game will also be based on famous battles which actually took place in Japan. _So here's this enemy crab..._" roffle roffle!
bowlofnoodles on 2006-05-22 (report)
Why does it automatically go to a xbox360 ad every time I try and watch the video again.
STICH666 on 2006-05-23 (report)
... Let me say as a great Japanese Historian, that This "ninja" game as you called it is not at all focussed on Ninja. It is called Genji and is about a Samurai and a Warrior monk! The first game on PS2 was fantastic, and had PS3 style graphics. THe second is bound to be just as good. it is just the way that the idiotic american talked about it that has put it to shame! Yes, Genji is based upon REAL JAPANESE BATTLES, but it is BASED ON THEM and is NOT A REAL ACCOUNT OF JAPANESE HISTORY. The game Genji is based upon a certain book, basically, and closely follows that. The Tale of the Heike, is about the same events, minus the giant crab, magical orbs, and evil jumping dancey people... But the designers of Genji wanted to Onimusha it up, you could say (it was made by the creator of Onimusha after all) and thus the outcome was Genji. BASED on real Japanese battles, The battles of the Minamoto and the Taira, but NOT THE ACTUAL ACCOUNT OF IT!!! If certain watchers of this conference knew their Japanese History, they would not have made so many jokes about it! But yes the massive damage thing is rather stupid!
Tsuriai on 2006-05-31 (report)
oh yeah....oops i'm not the best Japanese historian...and not that great really...but i do know enough to tell you all that the game is not an account of "real japanese battles" just a spruced up version of it....see?
Tsuriai on 2006-05-31 (report)
omg omg...that was so funny...nd i can how much we r pissed off by sony's new machine
azzuri09 on 2006-05-31 (report)
ok, that was pretty funny, but let's face it: this is propaganda. sure, there's a bunch of stupid demos and ads they used, but that doesn't make it a good product. Sony has always loaded on the bullshit, and it never hurt their systems in the end. all systems start off bad, so you gotta give them a year to warm up. sure, M$ makes their systems look good at their press conferences, but they're no less full of bullshit, and their focus on advertising shows a lower quality system in the end. also keep in mind that they're throwing out reps, not the actual game developers, and not necessarily hardware developers either. believe me, even the directors are full of shit. we found that out a while ago, the first time Kutaragi opened his wide trap.
HebrewTaija on 2006-06-07 (report)
This video is the worst sh*t I've ever seen.
Linkinito on 2006-06-12 (report)
Yeah the press confrence wasn't perfect but if you want to compare if you bought the better 360 for $399.99 and the network adapter look another $99.99 oh wait you have to pay to be online that's right $59.99. Total system without games $559.97 So is $600.00 really that bad or maybe it's the fact that you work at a fast food restarant and can't afford anything but the core 360 and do nothing but bash playstation because you got a 360 and there's no way your gonna spend the rent on another system. Xbox 360 overheat, the games crack in the center. Oh yeah they have great online play and only 1 good game that is a pc port (Call of Duty 2).
fackyocouchbigga on 2006-06-13 (report)
Man there's loads of sony fanboys here (maybe they have real time weapon change - lol). There's nothing wrong with not being able to afford a PS3 if history is anything to go by (not the ancient japanese variety) then even this will be lies. The PS3 will cost even more, be even more useless, and heat up like the lean, mean fat grilling machine it is. So fanboys, be careful when you mock the xbox 360 because when your console comes out it will be so mockable it won't be worth trying. Wii60 FTW
zonerx on 2006-06-15 (report)
$600.00 TOTAL! The PS3 starts at $600 plus a game $70, and whatever else you'll have to buy for it, you'll end up saving just as much as originally, but the PS3 will still cost more. Xbox 360: $600 PS3: $700-$800
eddiethemc on 2006-06-16 (report)
Not to mention, you don't have to buy a network adapter.
eddiethemc on 2006-06-16 (report)
This video is useless in disproving the points made by Sony in that video. All it does is chop the video footage, to create a humourous propanda video. I mean, sure the PS3 is expensive, but until the system is fully released, no one is in a position to state which is better. It's easy to make someone/something look like an idiot then to actually challenge their points. All they've really done is bounce on the proverbial cocks of Microsoft and Nintendo.
MITB on 2006-06-17 (report)
you dont have to buy a network adapter to play online you ******* moron. And XBL is 50dollars, the network adapter is for wireless internet. If you want to talk about network adapters.. look at the Ps2.
phoenixkskg on 2006-06-17 (report)
"So is $600.00 really that bad or maybe it's the fact that you work at a fast food restarant and can't afford anything but the core 360" Shit anyone who would rather spend less money for something they will most likely have just as much fun doing MUST WORK AT A FAST FOOD RESTARAUNT and be totally stupid!
Drenan on 2006-06-18 (report)
Wow I knew Sony was stupid but this crosses the line into completely retarded! I didn't know there were giant crabs in Japan in the past along with instant, oh sorry I mean, real time weapon changes. The PS3 is a stupid buy, and Sony fanboys are fags.
Crowz on 2006-06-24 (report)
Have you guys heard the funny songs based on this? LOL here is the link: http://www.funender.com/music/bands/1 1527/music.php
matrix88 on 2006-06-24 (report)
I'm sorry, how is this embarrassing to sony? Please inlighten me! Because this looks like a normal press confrence. I am sick of all this mindless Wii60 crap. Nintendo bit the big left nut when they attempted with the GameCube-and look how that turned out. It was ALWAYS cheaper than the PS2 and Xbox. I have nothing against Xbox, but I cant stand these fu
SonyKicksWii60 on 2006-06-29 (report)
WTF! Finsihing what I was saying now, I cant stand these damned stupid little fan b!tches beating on the PS3 JUST BECAUSE THEY CANT AFFORD ONE! Get a better job and shut THE HELL UP!
SonyKicksWii60 on 2006-06-29 (report)
Seriously, if this looks like a normal press conference then you need a check-up, they're talking a load of boIlocks, and they're advertising a load of gimmicks, an rip-offs cos they can't think of anything new, when they use the PSP as a backwards mirror in the racing game shown, the guy playing then presses a button to do exactly the same thing. Gd, the ps3 is a pathetic attempt to be clever, but it fails at the word "imagination"
GoronJak on 2006-07-07 (report)
"The first game on PS2 was fantastic, and had PS3 style graphics" Dear Tsuriai, while you may be a historian, you have no friggin idea what you are talking about when it comes to graphics. If the Genji for PS2 had PS3 graphics, the poor console (PS2) would have simply burst into flames by being in the mere vicinity of the game. Im sure its a great game, and that PS3 will be a great console. Sony is messing this up, capitally. I loved the PS1 and the PS2 (Despite having to change it 3 times over due to defect products), and its a fact that I own both consoles. However, the PS3 offers nothing new of which my computer could not handle, both in terms of graphics and gameplay. The next gen marks an end to my endless buying of Sony products (sticking to non-console thingies made by them). Ill buy a Wii and a 360 instead... either that or upgrade my computer further. 600 bucks ought to give me quite the push in dreamworks direction.
Dreamhawk on 2006-07-11 (report)
ohh and the ps3 has this new technology that sony put in it that makes it so that you cant play a game on there if its borrowed, rented, or bought used. you have to buy every single one of your games...that sucks ass
mike on 2006-07-12 (report)
playstation doesnt have rumble feature and the only thing it offers is REAL TIME WEAPON change! and it doesnt have any games of intrest like halo or smash bros... with wii you really get to actally PLAY the game .. I mean pressing buttons... thats so last week.. and xbox has halo.. enough said... but w/e REAL TIME WEAPON CHANGE is tempting! you guys are just close minded idoits.. get a wii or 60
Justin on 2006-07-13 (report)
Heh, this conference always cracks me up. Anyway, the PS3 so far has nothing on offer that I'm interested in. I'll admit to being a cheapskate, in that I don't think it's really overpriced, but that I personally just don't want to pay that much.
Pod on 2006-08-25 (report)

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