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Consumer Response to PS3 price (WII, PS3, X360)

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This happened in cubicles everywhere that fateful day.

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Funny, but this video is a very big bullsh*t.
Linkinito on 2006-06-12 (report)
I laughed. Poor Sony fanboys..
UberAdam on 2006-06-26 (report)
*sigh* another irrational video from another irrational fanboy
FATE on 2006-06-27 (report)
Meh, I thought it was funny. I liked the PS consoles, but you gotta admit, what they said at E3 '06 was sort of ridiculous...especially that bit about the giant enemy crab, "RIIIIDGE RRRRACER!", and the "no gimmicks" spiel (Eye of Judgement) lol, c'mon fanboys, just loosen up a little ^_^
gamephreak5 on 2006-07-16 (report)
LMFAO!!! Thats funny. Its okay htats its $600, for me anyway. That says that the technology inside the PS3 is the latest. A Blue-Ray dvd player costs $1,000 right now, that is included in the PS3. Plus, you get supossedly, a large hard drive with it.
OmegaNemesis28 on 2006-08-13 (report)
poor sony fans the ps3 is gonna suck
xbc on 2006-09-09 (report)
LOL, now that was funny.
necrozen on 2006-09-18 (report)

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