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Super Mario 64 DS - That Darn Fish (NDS)

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What is life, living inside a huge fish? This is a small video, dedicated to that huge Cheep-Cheep, swimming around in Tiny-Huge Island, answers this very question. I tried to get every front, and every side angle of him swallowing Mario. There's also a couple of times he misses, just to show how close I could get him to the DS camera. Hmmm..... Ever notice that Mario's life is still full, after getting eaten? Could this mean that Mario is still alive, living inside this huge Cheep-Cheep? No, I do not suck at this game, or have anything against Mario, or never intended to be cruel to Mario. I just love playing around with this huge fish to keep me occupied with this game. He's my favorite fish type enemy in all the Mario games. There is no sound, only music. Trust me, the sound would've gotten annoying time after time in this. For your information, the name of the song is Yakety Sax, The Benny Hill Theme, by Boots Randolph. Various videos were recorded at different dates and times. This collection itself was created & modified on April 17, 2006.

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