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Final Fantasy Advent Children Music Video (PC, PS1, PS2, PS3, X360)

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Own Homemade Final Fantasy dvent Children Music Video.

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What do you people think of my latest vid?
sparkzyuk on 2006-06-27 (report)
I actuallt cut out bits form the movie you know, japanese one that is. Gotta give comments :(
sparkzyuk on 2006-07-21 (report)
Nice vid dude :) Thanks for uploading! Checking out your other vids as we speak!
megaman on 2006-07-22 (report)
thanks for your comments
sparkzyuk on 2006-07-27 (report)
ehhhhh, I didnt like this music video because the song doesnt really match the clips, and the clips are very plain. What I mean by that is, its one slap of the video, no effects or anything, and its like you just cut the videos and slapped them in there. The music beat doesnt match the video clips either. Take advantage of what I just said and fix those main things - music and music beat. Be sure to make your clips short, and have some effects - like transitions.
OmegaNemesis28 on 2006-08-21 (report)

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