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Negative Xbox ad (WII, PS3, X360)

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This ad shows reasons why you should not buy an Xbox

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Sorry, you phail. Wii60 FTW!!
Mikee on 2006-06-17 (report)
Learn to spell "fail".
Emotep on 2006-06-17 (report)
Sony fanboys are funny. They tryed to copy Wii60 with PSwii Fuckin copycats. And your video was crap too.
Crownjo on 2006-06-18 (report)
Okay, so your arguement is that Xbox games are mind-rotting. So, we should all go out and buy the PS3 and Wii, because none of their games are mind-rotting. I saw Trauma Center, a Wii game. Where is your educational PS3 game? Do everyone a favor, re-roll on life. Oh and that school drop out is the most successful man in the world. You suck.
Moocows on 2006-06-18 (report)
The Playstation 3 is so UN-original, that Sony can't even use their own font!
Mikee on 2006-06-18 (report)
Emotep, you are an idiot. 1. That video sucked. 2. You think MS is bad? All that footage wasn't even enough to top Sony's idiocy. 3. 'Learn to spell "fail".'
SniperWolf on 2006-06-18 (report)
I would like my two minutes and twelve seconds back you cheap unoriginal bastard...stop trying anymore. Wii60 ftw.
Z0RiN on 2006-06-18 (report)
Learn to write proper paragraphs.
Emotep on 2006-06-19 (report)
Sorry, this means nothing.. It's not like the Wii and the PS3 wouldn't have "mind rotting games" -- And I believe the "mind rotting games" you are refering to are games like Call of Duty 2, and Condemned, etc.. Which turned out to be amazing games, quit trying to rip off of wii60.
transmit on 2006-06-19 (report)
I thought this was quite a nice xbox mock with some resonable points, then I realised that you tried to put PS3 in there. There's no wat you fanboys can defend the PS3 so stop trying. Wii60 for teh win (Wii for teh pwn).
zonerx on 2006-06-20 (report)
Wii say NO to PS3!
zounds on 2006-06-20 (report)
OMG exchanging the 3 for Wii... thats innovation for ya im sure noone else have EVER done that before.. o wait, www.wii60.com, owned. And the only defense he has is what he learned in his english lesson in school last week, poor little kid, im surprised your "mommy" will buy you a ps3 AND wii, or did you pay for it with your paper round money? And for your information i think you will find playstation games do far worse than that considering playstation is barely online enabled and playing all day in a room with noone to talk to but yourself makes you very strange, mad and unsocial. I agree that nintendo are stopping games from just being shooting. But how the hell can you call giant enemy crabs, GT-HD, Tekken and many other games mind expanding. Final Fantasy is no more mind expanding than a game like jade empire, which was very in depth. PS3 has produced nothing but fanatical kids like you (and if your not a kid i advise you kill yourself and hope reincarnation is not just a myth and come back as a more mature person) and stupidly long series of games, and most of all lies and cinematics. And before you fire back on any of those, i have a 360 and im happy with what is out there right now, and i am happy with what im going to see, and im happy with the live service and the only problems are the hardware failure i had which the customer service made up for. My bet is you don;t have a 360 because if you did you wouldn;t make that video, your just mad because if you get a 360 you will have lost, and kids don;t like to lose do they :).
coltx on 2006-06-23 (report)
Ok. I can see why i shouldn't buy a X-Box, its too old now. The X-Box 360 is better. I can see too why i should buy a Wii, what i've seen in the videos about wii looks great. But why buy a Playstation? Its really old now. The PS2 is out since a few years and the PS3 is not far. So, i can only agree with you on the Wii, which might be my first console since i bought a pc, which was 1998.
beliar on 2006-06-23 (report)
playstation is the reason for the abnormal crime rate.
skywinglegacy on 2006-06-23 (report)
Agreed, don't buy an Xbox, buy an Xbox 360! Also, buy the Wii! Just don't buy a PS3, everything about its idea has been stolen. "The Playstation 3 is so UN-original, that Sony can't even use their own font! Mikee on 2006-06-18" Sony.. is sad. And is filled with idiots and worshipped by fanboys who love nothing more than to sit down with a nice cold bottle of their moms breast milk while they play nothing but THIRD PARTY games.
Crowz on 2006-06-24 (report)
I would say that the PS3, the Wii and the Xbox 360 are all equally mind rotting :| This movie was pointless. I would like to get a refund for 2 minutes and 12 seconds of my time please. You little rich fanboy cunt.
UberAdam on 2006-06-26 (report)
well I dont know about the mind rotting thing, I think all consoles can rot the mind deppending on what game you play. second, I think I know why this guy made this video dissing the Xbx and Xbx360, he did it because he hates their fanboys and so do why, I hate fanboys from any console. But I think that the MS fanboys are undoubtly the worst! Take this site for example, probably 30% of these videos are made by Wii60 fanboys trying to convince other people not to buy a PS3. and another thing, I HATE Wii60!!! not the consoles, the fanboys!! let me tell you what I think of Wii60. I think the Wii60 are a group of 360 fanboys, using the Wii to convince people not to buy a PS3 just because the sum of their prices equals to a PS3. I bet half of the Wii60 fanboys wont even buy a Wii! using the price as an excuse? thats pathetic!! you buy a console for the games not for the price! why would I buy a console with games I dont like?? seriously, you fanboys(of all consoles) will really use any excuse possible wont you? Im buying a PS3, I'll buy it because I love the games, and Im not worried about the price, Ill wait for the price to drop if I have to, its not like it will cost $600 forever. I may buy a Wii eventually, because I loved the Wii-mote, and also because I love the games that comes with it, not because its cheap! I was considering in buying a 360, but I wont because of the fans' attitudes, and also because I dont like the games very much(I mean really, 30% of Xbox games are FPS), I like Halo and Ninja Gaiden, but two games are not enough. I have 2 suggestions for every fanboy out there. 1.stop making these ridiculous videos and comments, because truly, you're not convincing anyone. 2.If you like your console, fine,no really, thats great. just respect the other people who like their's, because acting the way you do will just make people dispise you, when they really dont need to.
Guest on 2006-06-27 (report)
LOL the Idea of this video was kind a cool, but the video it self wasnt, but I support that xbox 360 is a crap console!
DdragonPT on 2006-07-12 (report)
I like the fact that you point out that the XBox360 is a lame system, but I think the PS3 is as well, so yeah - just get a Wii. That's all you need.
necrozen on 2006-09-18 (report)

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