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Nintendo Conference very funny (NDS, WII)

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It's just funny.

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About as funny as those old sitcoms with laugh tracks... oh wait. The Sony confrence was 2 hours of self humilation, Nintendo's wasn't. You're just an ignorant fanboy.
peacebyanymeans on 2006-06-12 (report)
To respond you, the Sony conference, for me, wasn't a deception, or humiliation. And this video is a response for the many video which criticizes Sony. It's a very bad act, and I respond to that, we can do that. We can criticize any conference.
Linkinito on 2006-06-12 (report)
Where's the funny part? I don't see it. Oh and btw, Sony's conference didn't even need laugh tracks to sound embarrassing.
R0DJOh on 2006-06-12 (report)
I bet you don't even know who the conductor guy was - it was Shigeru Miyamoto btw, the creator of mario, zelda, metroid, you name it. He's the father as gaming as you know it so give the man some respect. Oh, and that bit was so cool when he conducted the zelda theme. Nice zero wing effect btw 'look nintendo conference, it's worse' - lol. Go join the other sony fanboys in hiding, wait for your shame to end then spend your money on a PS3 and we'll laught at you some more. I honestly don't understand how people like you can put up with sony and why you would want to, what has sony done for you? Nothing - even their games are all third party. I suppose you need some applause for remaining loyal - but your on the losing side and the evil side - their not even the underdogs - WHY?!?!
zonerx on 2006-06-15 (report)
You know, I was entertained greatly by the nintendo press conference. Watching 5 minutes of the sony press conference almost made me fall asleep by all the bull sh*t. Actually it was those videos showing the embarrassment Sony had going on that were out there. This video was obviously made by an angry Sony fanboy. I guess sony fans know whats funny after every two words because all I heard was laughing......... actually to tell you the truth I thought they added the laughing out of the exitement for nintendos next system lol.
skywinglegacy on 2006-06-23 (report)
wtf, you ruined that video, i was trying to watch it and you put gay laughing sounds at stuff that wasn't remotely funny. At least i was interested by the nintendo conferance and also the microsoft conferance, the only think that made my heart beat slightly faster was the ps3's price tag which nearly gave me a heart attack.
coltx on 2006-06-24 (report)
Orriginally I had a lot typed here. I felt I should keep this brief. You're an idiot.
torrent on 2006-06-24 (report)
flydutchguy on 2006-06-27 (report)

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